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Asking (and Answering!) the Important Questions

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

Last blogpost we talked about the key differences between a Captive Agency and an Independent Agency. Today, we answer the key questions clients should ask when deciding on an agency to work with. Lucky for you, I am not only asking the questions but giving you the Shaw Agency answers so you don’t even have to ask…

1. How long have you been in business?

Shaw Insurance Agency Response: Shaw Insurance Agency has a history dating back to 1919, but you likely already know this story from our “About Us” page. That’s right, for over a century we’ve been protecting what’s most important to our clients. The business has gone through many changes and acquisitions; as it looks today, the Shaw Insurance Agency was established in 1993.

2. How does your agency handle a claim?

Shaw Insurance Agency Response: The claims process is different based on carrier. In most cases, we gather the details and report. In some cases our clients will report the claim directly to their carrier. Either way we are happy to guide you in the process.

3. How many different insurance carriers are you quoting?

Shaw Insurance Agency Response: 15-20. Each carrier has its own “appetite” for a client. We know, based on the risk, where to quote the best insurance. We often quote with multiple carriers and decide which coverage best aligns with our clients’ needs.

4. What’s your response time?

Shaw Insurance Agency Response: Our office has normal business hours, 8-5. Much like all business these days, our email is mobile and is checked periodically outside normal office hours.

Have any other questions? We would be happy to answer them!

We’re only a phone call away…

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